Oregano Oil for Dogs

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Oregano oil has tons of healing properties. Here’s how to safely use oregano oil for dogs to help combat ear mites, infections and other canine illnesses.


Recently, studies have shown an increasingly bright light on the potential health benefits of oregano oil for dogs. Oregano oil (or oil of oregano, which means it has already been diluted in a carrier oil) has anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic properties. But as with all essential oils, oregano oil for dogs needs to be used properly and carefully, with the emphasis on finding a therapeutic-grade product.

Oregano oil for dogs can be applied orally, topically or diffused, but it should never be administered to your dog in its undiluted form. Because of its potency, you need to follow treatment advice from your veterinarian or other canine health expert when using oregano oil for dogs.

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