A beaufiful sea life

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Marine Life

Our ocean, coasts, and estuaries are home to diverse living things. These organisms take many forms, from the tiniest single-celled plankton to the largest animal on Earth, the blue whale. Understanding the life cycles, habits, habitats, and inter-relationships of marine life contributes to our understanding of the planet as a whole.

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Engage Youth with Sailors for the Sea

These outbreaks may be a result of overfishing of the crown-of-thorns starfish’s primary predator, the giant triton or they may be a natural phenomenon.  These starfish are known to be more successful at preying on large swaths of  coral reefs when the corals are already stressed. 


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Fun Facts About Kelp Forests:

  1. Kelp is not a plant, but rather extremely large brown algae and many different species of kelp make up kelp forests.
  2. Some kelp species can measure up to 150 feet (45 m) long. If living in ideal physical conditions, kelp can grow 18 inches (45 cm) a day.
  3. Kelp forests comprise one of the ocean’s most diverse ecosystems. 
  4. Sea urchins can destroy entire kelp forests at a rate of 30 feet (9 m) per month by moving in herds.
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Fisheries are composed of three different types of fishing:

  • Commercial: Catching and marketing fish and shellfish for profit.
  • Recreational: Fishing for sport or pleasure.
  • Subsistence: Fishing for personal, family, and community consumption or sharing.
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Five years ago, Merlin Entertainments embarked on developing the world’s first Beluga Whale Sanctuary.

  • Having traveled more than 6,000 miles
  • This moment is a huge leap forward
  • Support Little Grey and Little White
  • Follow the jurney

The UK's only 360° Ocean Tunnel

WOW Fact!

Marvel at the sharks swimming overhead and underneath as you walk through the sea in this truly unique experience.

  • At full size, green turtles are one and a half metres long!
  • It won't be hard to spot Molokai our giant green sea turtle in the tank - he weighs a huge 20 stone!
  • Did you know green turtles live to be over 100 years old?


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