Dog Car Travel

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Road trip season is coming up! Here’s what to know about dog car travel and ensure that you and your pup have safe, happy and healthy car rides.

It’s vital to pair an outing in the car with a great time from the dog’s perspective, particularly at first. For example, if a doorbell sound ringing in the background never means someone is at the front door (it’s just a sound with nothing happening after the doorbell ring), most dogs will learn to habituate and ignore the innocuous doorbell noise. But dogs are clever, and in very short order they pair the ding-dong sound with a new friend or a potentially scary stranger at the door.

Dogs travel through the world nose first, so take your dog on a walk in your neighborhood and make sure she has plenty of sniffing time. You can also play a game of “Find it!” where you hide toys or even hide yourself in your home for a few minutes if your dog loves this game.

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