Creating the Perfect Dog Playdate

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Organizing playdates for dogs is probably one of the best ways to provide your dog enrichment, both in terms of mental stimulation and physical exercise. But how do you find your dog’s perfect play partner, and what can you do to ensure that a dog playdate will be successful?


Before you begin organizing a dog playdate, ask yourself the following questions.

  1. How confident is my dog around new people and other dogs?
  2. Does my dog like social interaction with other dogs?
  3. Does my dog become possessive of her resources when she’s around other dogs?
  4. Is my dog comfortable with dog-to-dog play?

If you have any doubts about some of the answers to these questions, address those issues first before you bring a dog around to play.

If you think your dog is socially confident, and you have found the perfect playmate, begin by walking both dogs outside first before you bring them into the home so they can meet each other on neutral territory. This will help prevent any territorial issues your dog might have and get her comfortable with her new play partner in an environment free from competition.

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