Come Through

Although artists can use technology and social media to reach a large audience, it is incredibly hard to monetize that passion.

Even as states start to reopen, it appears that live gigs, whether in cozy clubs or cavernous arenas, will be among the last vestiges of pre-March 2020 life to return.

"This pandemic has affected so many different industries in different ways," rapper G-Eazy said. "At the end of the day, I’m just grateful that we can all at least still experience and consume recorded music. Some industries are shut down completely.

"Of course, I miss touring, and it’s scary to think about how much longer we may have to wait until we can experience that again," added the rapper, who recorded two new tracks, "Moana" and "Angel Cry," in his home studio in Oakland, California. "But, as I said, I’m still grateful we can at least create and release music to the world."

  • Artist
    Conor Mayard
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  • Release date
    August 9th, 2019