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Influenced by classical styles, the Renaissance style appeared in Italy during the 15th Century and was characterised by harmony, clarity and strength. The designs were intended to reflect the elegance and ideals of domestic life and clues were taken from the Roman ruins.

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Originally an art school in Germany in the early 1900s the Bauhaus movement held the idea that all art and technology would be unified under the idea of simplistic design and mass-production.

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Tudor architecture is the final style from the medieval period in England between the 1400s-1600s. While the Tudor Arch or the Four-Centred Arch is the distinguishing feature most people would recognise the timber-framed houses of the Tudor era.

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We transformed a nursing home located by the Lake Toya (in Hokkaido, Japan) into a boutique-typed hotel of wood and fabric. Locally produced cedar logs were applied both for the façade and the interior in order to create a space of comfort. 

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It is a Uniquely designed restaurant in a urban context of Surat city. Design was inspired by nature. A Leaf shape restaurant has been designed with treelike structural system of support.

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