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Beginning in the mid 12th Century, Gothic architecture borrowed flourishes and features from previous styles and used them all together. More decorative than classical styles, walls were thinner, columns more slender, windows adorned with stained glass and designed so to draw the eye upwards.

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Influenced by classical styles, the Renaissance style appeared in Italy during the 15th Century and was characterised by harmony, clarity and strength. The designs were intended to reflect the elegance and ideals of domestic life and clues were taken from the Roman ruins.

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Originally an art school in Germany in the early 1900s the Bauhaus movement held the idea that all art and technology would be unified under the idea of simplistic design and mass-production.

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Originating in the late 16th century in Italy, Baroque was a departure from the more formal Romanesque style in that it was more emotive, "showy" and aimed to appeal to the senses. As part of the Counter-Reformation the architecture was an attempt to celebrate the Catholic state.

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The Victorian Era (mid to late 19th Century) saw a return of many architectural styles including Gothic Revival, Tudor and Romanesque as well as influences from Asia and the Middle East. During the industrial revolution, many homes were built in the Victorian style as part of the housing boom.

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It is a Uniquely designed restaurant in a urban context of Surat city. Design was inspired by nature. A Leaf shape restaurant has been designed with treelike structural system of support.

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