The Super Bowl

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Straight people are known for calling in sick the day after the Super Bowl, so damn it, we can do it, too. (Wait—you mean you already called in sick the day after the Oscars!?) Call your boss and tell him you’re taking Monday off.

After a nonstop weekend of events and activities, you’re going to be tired, sunburnt and maybe hungover. So rest up, sleep it off and come back rejuvenated on Tuesday.

Don't forget to wear sunscreen.

Not to sound like your mom, but you should be wearing sunscreen everyday. Every. Single. Day. This is especially true during Pride, when you’ll be outside in the June sun for hours. Put it on at home, and make sure to bring extra to reapply throughout the day. You’ll thank us later.

Dress fashionable but comfortable.

NYC Pride is a celebration of diversity and freedom to be yourself, no matter who you are or where you’re from. Be expressive and wear colorful tank tops and shorts that embrace the rainbow! You can check out our guide to where you can find the best Pride looks in NYC. So go crazy with your wardrobe, but take the heat into consideration; light, fun, colorful and outrageous is the way to go.