Get all lovey-dovey with classic shades of pastels and metallics. Easily adaptable for any setting or style of wedding, the theme photographs well and brings the attention to you and bae against a muted palette.

Just pick ’em all! Take inspo from this rainbow wedding and hit every color in the Crayola box for a lively theme that can be splashed across the entire affair.

Turn your wedding into an Aperol spritz. Best for an outdoor wedding where you can match your shades to a stunning sunset, the theme can be added through bridal-party looks, swaths of fabric in your decor, and bright bouquets.

Bring the outdoorsy vibes with unique touches of wood and neutrals. Ideal for a nature escape or to contrast an ultra-modern city setting, these guys will set your wedding apart. Want to go even more on-theme? Order wood invitations or Etsy handcrafted keepsakes for favors.